Quick Facts

This small, 4-turbine project will produce enough electricity for more than 4,000 average homes.


At just 1200 feet from the White House, the same distance of wind turbines from many US residences today, the Mall Wind Park will send a positive "YIMBY" (Yes, in my back yard) message.

This project will use the latest in affordable wind power technology: Goldwind brand turbines with bases, nacelles, and cones manufactured in China, with blades proudly made in the USA, demonstrating our nation's commitment to aiding the economic development, both at home and in struggling nations such as China.

Download the Google Earth Overlay to view the turbines from any angle.


The majestic turbines of The Mall Wind Park will demonstrate the viability of wind power installation in the very midst of our communities, right where the power is consumed.

Wind turbines do have impacts, including noise and wildlife impacts. But all energy sources have impacts, and in any case we should all be prepared to sacrifice. Native Americans are sacrificing their Sacred places and the bald eagles are being asked to accept electricity generating machines in their nesting areas.  

President Kennedy said "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for country".  As tens of thousands of American's already have, you can answer his timeless call by supporting wind power development today, in your own back yard, on our purple mountain majesties, and from sea to shining sea.